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Answers to the most common questions

The Registration(6%) and Mutation Charges(0.1%) are 6.1%.

GST was earlier 12% however it is currently 5% however earlier projects which have been launched before 2019 can still choose wether they would like to charge 12% or 5%

As per RBI guidelines customer needs to pay 20-25% downpayment. Rest of the amount he can avail bank loan. Bank shall look at his eligibility and fund the loan based on his income level which is judged based on the IT Returns that he has filed for the last 3 years,Cibil Score i.e his credit rating of his previous loan and his repayment history,his age and his proffesion

We do not charge a client incase he is buying a new property from us as we are into Bulk Deals and we form a group and get the best price for our clients. Builder shares a Marginal Commission with us. For Resale property i.e in buying and selling we do charge a commission fee

It is recommended that we close the home loan within the first 5 years hence you can increase your principal amount and pay it every month which will also lead to reduction in the tenure. Also there are no foreclosure charges hence anytime you have surplus amount you can go ahead and close with the partial amount you have.

Yes, one should evaluate the developer and invest in prelaunch properties as you tend to get at the lowest price and the best inventory. However we should be very careful when shortlisting the developer. Sometimes the prelaunch price would be very attractive but if the developer does not have a good track record, it is better to avoid transacting.


Yes, it saves lot of time during the property search as we exactly know what budget should we keep in mind while selecting the property. 

Home loan validation gives us a sanction letter which is valid for 6 months



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